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Hi, we are Fábrica de Milagros


A  Organization dedicated to transforming the life of children who live in poverty, abuse, abandonment, and violence into healthy, educated, creative adults...

An adult who BELIEVES IN HIMSELF and life

How do we change the world?

One child at a time

Because if a child is happy, so are we.


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In 2019, Fabrica de Milagros was born. It was inspired by Milagros Sánchez, a woman who lived with a passion for the gift of service and always looking to help everyone around her - especially disadvantaged kids. She was an outgoing and happy, ready to celebrate everyone but always ready to share everything with those who needed it most. In October 2010, Milagros was diagnosed with cancer and passed away on December 6 at 51 years of age.


In 2019, her daughter Milka Waterland, a dentist and a Major in the Dominican Republic armed forces, decided to continue her mother's vocation of helping the less fortunate ones in her country and started the non-profit on her behalf.


Things moved fast - Fábrica de Milagros started to change the lives of orphaned children in the Dominican Republic with the first Project: Hermanas Marianitas, 2019.

Today, more than 4 years later, we have already impacted the lives of:


More than 250 children

Benefited with:

  • Balanced meals, School uniforms and supplies, Medicines, Sporting goods, Medical and dental care


Educational program:

  • Reading and comprehension class

  • Cooking class

  • English and computer class

  • Art and painting class



  • Thanksgiving

  • Christmas party

  • Santa Claus and toys


More than 50 children in medical and dental care

Through our medical and dental program, these children receive care for a healthier body and beautiful smile, preventing cavities and diseases.


More than 300 families

300 food baskets to families where dramatically impacted by COVID-19

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Our goals have been met thanks to people like you, with hearts like yours, who decided to take action.

Because EVERY contribution ADDS. Every child TRANSFORMS

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Our team on ACTION


Let's multiply love. Let's make this miracle TOGETHER.

Let's be the angels on earth these children need.

TOGETHER Let's give them the opportunity they DESERVE. If you want to make a difference, celebrate your life by sharing it with those who need it most.

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